Connected Zapier functions are timing out

Hey Backendless team,

When I enable my Zaps that are connected to backendless, backendless is returning this message: `“The clearance task for the previous Business Logic Deploy is in the process now. Please wait about 1 minute before retrying.”

Btw - we are connected to CloudCode API

We tried 1 minute, many times and longer than 1 minute, but still running into the issue. We are US with US based for Zap and Backendless. Has this been an issue and is there fix?


Hello @Austin_moore

Could you please provide us with your App ID?


Hi Victor,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Yes it is E450F370-5446-10C6-FF0F-E135DA06C600

Hi @Austin_moore ,

Please clarify whether this error occurs every time or only occasionally. If it happens every time, it would be very helpful to provide steps to reproduce it. Investigation of your application logs showed that the execution of business logic is usually quick and completes within a minute, but there were two incidents when the process significantly delayed for some reason.



This occurs every time. I’m also having some other issues with the account which I need help with. Is there anyways to setup a call with your team? I’ve reached out to Mark on your team as well for assistance.

Thank you,

Hello @Austin_moore

We will be happy to assist you. I need to ask you a few more questions.
Could you provide the steps to reproduce the problem?
Can we reproduce this issue in your application?


Hi Volodymyr (@volodymyr Ialovyi),

To reproduce the problem, you’d need to connect an “Object Updated in Backendless” zap trigger for the Zapier workflow.

I could reproduce it in my Zapier account.

After discussing with Zapier, prior to reaching out to your team, Zapier explained this has occurred in the past, and may require and Backendless Account change. Please see the attachments in this email for better reference.

Thank you
Screen Recording 2024-05-07 at 2.34.58

Backendless to Zapier Timeout.pdf (261 KB)

Hello @Austin_moore

My step to reproduce:

  1. Create zapier account (in
  2. Add connection to my Backendless account ( → Apps → Add connection → Backendless)
  3. Add zap with Object Updated in Backendless trigger ( → Zaps → Create → New zap → trigger → Backendless → Event: Object Updated → choose app and table → test is ok + add Backendless action)
  4. Turn On this Zap
  5. Refresh page
  6. Zap is On

Are there any Backendless requests during refresh that return an error?

I did not have the problem you describe. Is it possible that I missed some step, what else do I need to do to reproduce the problem?



Thanks for those step. I’m cc’ing my technical team to tryout these steps.