Could not publish UI-Builder container: "default"

I get this error when I click publish from within UI Builder. Publishing has worked before. I made a lot of changes to a few pages recently and perhaps one of those is causing this.

We’d need your app ID to see the error.

Thanks. What directory do you publish it to?

I’ve tried three different folders I’ve created under: \root\web
One used to work.

Going forward I’d be happy for it to go to: \root\web\dev

I get the same error irrespective of which folder I point it to.

Do you recall which one worked?


Thanks, I was able to reproduce the error. I created an internal ticket to investigate (BKNDLSS-24791). Until we figure out, can you continue publishing to dev_sales?

Hi Norman,

We fixed the problem. You should be able to deploy the container now.


Confirmed. Deployable now. Thanks!