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Custom headers are not getting in iOS notification

Hi Team,

I am using a custom template to send notifications and sending headers like shown on the screen below


we are getting these header values in Android but not in iOS.
Can you please help with this and what is the reason?

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Hello @Baljeet_Singh

I’ve told about your issue to our iOS developers, and they will be engaged soon.

Thank you for informing us.
Regards, Dima.

Hello @Baljeet_Singh,

We connected to your application and this error occurs in the WHO template section:

Could you please provide a test application with the configured template, so we can check this issue on the test environment?

Ticket BKNDLSS-24830 is created for this issue.


Hi @olhadanylova
I am creating same template in DEV env. so you can test.

I have added user in Device registration table to test/send notifications in TestHeaderTemplate

please check if this can be reproduce issue.

@olhadanylova Any update on this ?

Hello @Neeraj_Kumar ,

sorry, but no news now, we will notify you if we have anything, probably it will be tomorrow.

@sergey.kuk any update today ?

Hello @Neeraj_Kumar

No news yet. I raised the priority for the ticket. We’ll let you know as soon as we know something.


Hello @Neeraj_Kumar,

We already working on this issue. It may take some time, but we’ll let you know as soon as possible.


@olhadanylova @sergey.kuk How much time this will take more, any ETA please as this is a blocker for our application ?

Hello @Neeraj_Kumar

We understand how it is important for you, but the fix is still in progress.
I’ve raised priority for the ticket in order to get it solved asap.

Regards, Vlad

Hello @Neeraj_Kumar,

We experienced some problems with all iOS push notifications last week and it caused the delay. We are sorry for this.
However I’d ask you to provide a different test application with the configured push template, otherwise we need to replace your iOS certificate in the MoneyMatchSystem app with ours to test notifications (unfortunately it’s impossible for us to test notifications with your certificate).


For the testing, I have created a duplicated template in MoneyMatch app. Will not work that for you?

We have another app MoneyMatch_Dev I also created one template there

please let us know asap.

Could you please provide information, where do you get these custom headers from?

We are trying to get these headers in using iOS SDK. :slight_smile:

I mean you should set this custom values somewhere in your Backendless application before sending it in the push notification.
E.g. where do you set the {message} value? Where do you expect the template will take this value from?
We really appreciate your patience, but push notifications is the thing that is hard to debug without knowing all the details.


We are setting @olhadanylova
See sourceId is related to Table which is {headerSourceId} in the template.

I just want to know the reason

This is common template for Android and iOS

Why it’s working for Android and not for iOS?

Can you please let me know that how can we debug it? Or any other way you can fix it ASAP?
Please! We wanted to release our app but it’s only the issue we are delaying it?