DateTime Picker - how to make it clearer if time is AM or PM

Hello all,

I am using the DateTime picker in the 12h format and I am finding that it’s not always clear whether AM and PM is selected. I wonder if there’s a way to adjust the CSS to show which is selected, say the selected option has a darker background?

In addition, for 12hr format, I wonder how I could drop the leading “zero” since that is more associated with the 24hr format.

Hope this is clear and many thanks in advance!

Hello @Bob_Leung

Thank you for discovering this problem, this will definitely make Backendless better.
I’ve created a ticket to discuss adding this feature.


With relation to this similar topic also (Date time picker has unfamiliar layout for most users), I think it would be beneficial to have a “simpler” time picker component available also, not just the analog dial approach as part of the standard component in Backendless.

You are using the MUI library, are you not? I seems that the v.6.12 version of that lib supports both 24h clocks, digital displays etc:

Maybe that will sort things out in all regards?


Thank you for the additional information.