Deep Linking Quastion

I am building affiliation links in this format{“Key”:“Value”}

Use case user share link for product and the link carry the product ID and Affilation ID in parameters and pass them to the target page PageData object and from the page get the parameters and call an API to get the Product and assign AffilateID to it in case the user add it to cart we count the affiliation commission.

My questions are:

1- for mobile users when they share links with each other. will the link open the app or open on the browser?

2- if the link open the targeted page on app (which would be perfect) will the PageData object capture the parameters in link data={“Key”:“Value”} ?

if the answer is no for both … can you tell me how to make a deep link with parameters for the mobile app to capture?

on a side note any plans to add NFC functionality for mobile apps ?

Thank you

If you deploy your app with out native mobile app shell, you can adjust the manifest to register your deep link. If you do that, the link will open the app. Here’s an article describing the approach:
Open Mobile Application From The Browser | Become Front-End Expert

It should. If it doesn’t, we should be able to fix that. We already have a bridge between the native code in the app shell and the contained UI Builder app.

Hope this helps.


So if I use your Flutter export the link in the format I provided will open the App directly as usual? no need to change anything in the URL format? if yes , then dude THANK YOU

Wishlist: get NFC and biometric services

I haven’t researched the subject of the URL formatting (kinda hoping you would :wink: I just concluded that it is possible.

Will do … one thing I know is that it works perfectly on the browser. I am still far from generating app export … hope someone tries it before then.

Hi @mark-piller,

I have gone through the process of adjusting the Android manifest as well as the iOS configurations files (Info.plist and Runner entitlements on the app side, and apple-app-site-association on the server side) to enable deep-linking.

Happy to say that I am now able to launch the app, both through a custom scheme URL and through a standard https link on both mobile platforms. This is quite great.

However, my issue is that I understood from this thread that the app should be able to redirect to the right page based on the page parameter in the link. However I was not able to have this work. The app is launched at its usual starting page and does not redirect to the specified page.

Could you confirm that it is indeed possible, that it should work, and that it does work ? Any idea of what could be wrong or missing in my configuration ? And could you confirm the URL structure in order for it to work ?


@Nicolas_REMY , I cannot confirm because we haven’t done that ourselves. Are you using our Native Mobile Shell? or something else?

Yes, I am using the native mobile shell.

I would imagine the native app gets some kind of launch metadata that includes a reference to an internal page. Since you already have the setup, would you be able to help us determine what information the app gets when it is launched through a deep link?

Sure, I would gladly do what is necessary for it to work.

But I will do so under your guidance, because Flutter is all new to me, and I still don’t really get how a React app ends up running in Flutter. It’s been quite a learning curve to get here, but I still feel like a complete newbie in this respect.

My app ID is D7075715-5086-625A-FFAB-39C2F40FB200, and the app builds and runs fine on both Android and iOS in release mode. As stated above, my deep links launch the app okay.

I already have a page called “test” that I used for some other question in the support forums, so we could be using this, or a fully functional page from my app, as you wish.

Please tell me if there is any other information you need, and all I need to try, I will do so tomorrow. Thanks.

Do you have your test app checked in somewhere in github? If you do, it would help to add our Flutter guys there.

Also, have you see the following plugin: uni_links | Flutter Package

It might be helpful to integrate it into our Flutter shell.

Hi Mark,

My project is checked into GitLab, maybe I can get some of the Backendless team in there if it helps. Please tell me who.

Also, I have seen the uni_links plugin, but like I said it is way over the top for me to implement that. I can help your team, but I am definitely not competent to do so by myself.