Different reply-to email address for Email Send?

I need a feature. In Email Settings.

There are:

    SMTP Server Port From User-ID Password
I need one more, which is "Reply to Email".

The use-case is that I will have one email account which is used for validation. However, in Google at Work, I added an email alias. I would like all emails going out from Backend less to go out, using that Alias.

That way, I can have 4 or 5 apps using one email address specified, different reply-to emails.

Right now, the emails are going out via the email address configured in BackEndless (so far so good…)
Is is possible to add a different email to reply instead?



Currently, it is not possible. I changed the type of the topic to “Idea” and we will consider adding it to the roadmap. Unfortunately, I cannot commit to a specific timeline though.


Is it possible to use a different email provider, such as SendGrid, Mandrill or Mailchimp?

Sure, you can create a custom API service and use any external provider in there. Alternatively, you could create a beforeSendEmail event handler with your own logic:


If you were to go with that route, make sure to stop the default event processing as described at:


We’re interested in this approach too (create a beforeSendEmail event handler) but the link to image (presumably screenshot of logic) in @mark-piller 's message above is a broken link… please restore :grinning:

I can see the screenshot just fine:

Ah ok, in your reply there is a link (http://support.backendless.com/public/attachments/4d277113210c675b01b4fbfe246cc1f0.jpg), I thought perhaps there was one additional screenshot. :grinning:

BTW the other link (to the docs) is no longer correct, the new link is Stop Event Processing - Developing Backendless Server Code with node.js