Drop Down lists with localized data

In some of my data objects, I have fields like “status”, defined as a multiple choice field in the schema.

In the UI, I want to use localized versions of the field choices, and since they will be called frequently, I want this to be fast and efficient. How can I, in an efficient manner:

  • find the allowed values that the database schema allows, to use as values?
  • populate the dropdown lists in the UI with the localized versions of the values to use as labels?

I guess that maybe using the localization framework will be the best for the last part, but not sure how to find out what values are allowed in the database so I have something to look for in the localization framework?

Did you see that? Localization (Internationalization, i18n) in UI Builder

I believe that is what you are looking for.

Hi @Dima. That will take care of the localization itself, so bullet 2 above. But what about the first one? How can I find/fetch the allowed/listed values for a given multiple choice field? Is that possible somehow?

Hi @Egil_Helland

the MultipleChoice data type is just a decorated String data type where values are combined into a single line with ;

There is an API for getting the schema of a data table and using it you can retrieve these options

is that what you are looking for?


Yes, exactly what I am looking for! Thanks a million, Vlad! :smiley: