Dynamic forms - is it possible?

Hello I am new on backendless and have a question about “dynamic forms”.
Is it possible to create a form that I can send to an emailaddress with data?
In this form I need to show some options dynamicly. So an example:

I have a few radio buttons and depending on which value is selected, an area in the layout should be shown or hidden. How can I do that?
I would also like to read in the values ​​of the radio buttons from a database and their sub-values.
The following picture shows my example:

I have some products (glass showers) and they are in categories like roundshowers, square showers or pentagonal showers. For each category I have separate series. Depending on which shower is selected, the correct series or article should be loaded.

Is this possible and how can I create it. A little example would be great.

Thanks for helping!
This is my configurator on my webpage. I would integrate it or transfer it into backendless-software:

Best regards


Hello @Daniel_Wauer!
First, you need to clarify a few points. How do you want to send an email?
We have several ways to do this.
1)Send Bacic Emails API https://backendless.com/docs/rest/email_send_basic_smails_api.html

2)Email Templates https://backendless.com/docs/rest/email_templates.html

3)Send Emails with Tempaltes API https://backendless.com/docs/rest/email_send_email_with_templates_api.html

You can also use Smart Text in email templates to send data.

If you are developing an interface using UI Builder, then you can add functionality that allows you to hide data.
And if in the application, then this is not a question for the backendless.

Regards, Nikita.

Hi Daniel,

Are you using our UI Builder functionality to create the forms?

Also, when you say “a form that I can send to an email address with data”, do you mean embedding the form into the email message or perhaps sending a link to a form via email?


Thanks Nikita and Mark for your response!

At the end I need the values from the form send to an email.
So a customer can submit a special configuration per form and this configuration should be send to my mailaddress.
Is there a template in backendless with this options? How could I realise this?

Thanks for helping!

Hello, @Daniel_Wauer

If I clearly understand what you want - is UI where the user can enter the data, and this data is sent to your email.

With our UI builder, you can create any form what you want (dynamical too)

You can read about this at a related topic

In case if that doesn’t answer your question, please reword him.

Regards, Dima

Thanks Dima,
that sounds good.
Where can I get the advanced knowledge for this program?
Is there any tutorial or user manual for the complete software?

Hi, @Daniel_Wauer

If you are using UI Builder you can find a lot of useful videos about it in our YouTube channel - here