Email with attachment not sending

Swift SDK

Monday HTML emails with attachments stopped being sent.
If I remove the attachment it does send.
Template emails still working, Ie password reset

▿ <Backendless.MessageStatus: 0x600003b3c580> #0

- super: NSObject

▿ messageId: Optional(“mail:978966C2-CD27-5037-FFEB-1929DDDCAB00”)

- some: "mail:978966C2-CD27-5037-FFEB-1929DDDCAB00"

▿ status: Optional(“SCHEDULED”)

- some: "SCHEDULED"

- errorMessage: nil

Hello @robert-j,

I’ve created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-22694 and we’ll investigate this issue as soon as possible.


I’d like to chime in that I am seeing this with a custom Java API call as well. I created a test email with attachment and nothing is sent. I sent a text only email and that is getting through.

Would like to add: We use as our SMTP relay. It has email logging and we can see the emails without attachments being processed. We see no record of the emails WITH attachments even coming into sendgrid, much less failing to process

Hello @robert-j

Your attachment is array of file paths from the Backendless File Service or file from internet?
Before that, you worked with sending a email along with attached files from the Backendless File Service or file from internet?

Attachments are Backendless files. It’s been working like this for 2 years. Stopped around Monday this week.

This is creating a significant amount of work for me to work around and manually mail these files to the customers.

Were you able to reproduce it?

Hello @robert-j

Yes, I was able to reproduce this.
The issue has been escalated internally and it is one of the top priority tickets.

09/07/2020 16:43:14 UTC
was the last successful email

09/08/2020 01:26:37 UTC
Is the first known missing email, 9 hour window there for you to look at the change logs.

It appears to be working now. Did you find the issue or roll back?

Hi @robert-j,

We deployed a temporary fix, however, we are working on a long term solution.


How stable is the temporary fix? I already updated the app to remove attachments and include a download link instead. Is it safe for me to roll back?
ETA on permanent fix?

Hi, @robert-j

Our developers are working on this issue. We try to do it as soon as possible. A permanent fix will be merged immediately.


Any updates? Is the temporary fix stable enough for me to re implement attachments?

@robert-j the fix is stable and you can use it.

I’m getting reports of sporadic emails not being sent.
Do you guys see a pool of Queued emails? Im not sure even how to trouble shoot this.


Hello, @robert-j

Can you tell me, what SMTP server are you using?
Our or external?

Regards, Dima

How can I switch to internal?

Does Backendless delete sent emails? If I login to that account, the sent folder is empty.


Backendless does not save sent emails

Regards, Dima

The temporary fix is no longer working.
Emails will be sent without an Attachment but with they do not get sent

Message status returns this

  • some: “Could not find status for message with id: 0D912230-0364-8000-FFE9-F057CB3B6000”