Export Code


Is there anyway I can export html, css and javascript from my backendless project so that I can host it on a custom domain or use the code to build an apk file?


Hello @George_Thyparampil

You have created an app with ui-builder and now you want to export files of this app (like CSS, HTML, JS) and host it on your domain?


Hi Viktor,

Thanks for replying. Yes, I have created an app in backendless. Would like to find out a few things.

Can I export my project as HTML/CSS/JavaScript so I can host it on my custom domain and if possible create APK to upload to Google Play Store?

If not, can I host it on backendless and redirect my custom domain to point to backendless.

Again, what would be my best option to create an APK file from my backendless project?



Yes, you can use a custom domain with Backendless. More

As for the export I found a topic with a similar issue


Thank you.

@George_Thyparampil we used GoNative and it has worked well for us