Facebook login and user register event handler

In Business Logic of our app we created an event handler for the afterRegister event and it works great when we register a backendless user using the Backendless.UserService.register api call.

But we have also implemented Facebook login and from the documentation we read *

For the very first login, Backendless also creates the user in its internal system

  • and we see it happening, but our afterRegister Event Handler is not triggered. Is this expected behaviour and is there any way to trigger the afterRegister event for facebook first time login/register ?

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Hi @Constantin_Craciunescu

There are socialRegister and socialLogin events for auth with social providers (Google, Facebook and Twitter).
In your case you should implement afterSocialRegister event.

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Thanks for quick reply.
Is there a way to copy an entire block from one event handler to another?

Hello @Constantin_Craciunescu

check this out Copy codeless logic

Regards, Vlad

Thank you, that seems to be working nicely