How to change the background image in a website template

I’m semi new to Backendless and am trying one of your website templates, Business Consulting, and want to know how to change the default background image.

I think semi figured it out - its controlled by this style:

And I found where that style is in the CSS, so I added a new-revised style like this:

but when I change the style property, I don’t see the new style:

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

Hello @George_Padvorac

We could do it without changing classes, by replacing url in the background property.
Put your image in files on the same path as the previous background, and replace the URL in styles.

Regards, Dima

I tried that, but with this control as the active control

When I click on the Background image button

I get this error message. with this I can’t select an image as you suggested.

OK, got it. I had to clear the URL first by clicking on the x. then I was able to select an image I had uploaded.

Hi @George_Padvorac

I’ve created an internal ticket to fix the issue BKNDLSS-27736

Regards, Vlad

Hello @Dima ,
Is there a way that we can use the background in css style? I don’t want to keep making changes to the components whenever I need to change the image.


Answered you in this thread CSS image path in theme editor - #2 by Inna_Shkolnaya