Issue with Facebook Login

My has been live since July with Facebook login. It all worked fine since this past week. Facebook login stopped working since last few days. Please let me know if I can upload the error log.

I have uploaded the error log with this message.

error.rtf (7.45kB)

Hi Vishal,

We’ll investigate your issue as soon as possible.
Regards Ilya

Vishal, please clarify what platform do you use (Android, iOS, JS, etc)?

This is for an iOS app.

Is this easyFacebookLogin… or loginWithFacebookSDK ?
How did you get this error log? Looks like it is not iOS log.

This is loginWithFacebookSDK.

The log is from XCode’s console.

Please try our sample project (see in attachment). It works for us.
You could set your appId and secretKey and check it with your app, how will it work for you?

Also you can compare our implementation with yours. (21.47MB)

Sure. I will try this out.
Will it be OK for you to review screenshots of app settings in Backendless and Facebook?
I will upload them if you are OK with it.

Sure, please provide them here

I have attached the screenshots of the settings. Please let me know if they are OK.

ScreenShotsforAPP.docx (394.55kB)

Looks like all right.

OK. Thanks.


Our FB login is based on attached source code of a demo project. This gives the same error as our App. Please suggest a solution based on the code. (1.02MB)

We are using Backendless REST APIs.

We are using Backendless REST APIs. It will be great help if you can suggest a solution using Backendless REST APIs.

Use doc login with face book sdk

here it is my request

curl -H ‘application-id: EA4136DE-EA7D-2FAD-FF48-F13193371A00’ -H ‘secret-key: DC3951E4-E248-71B9-FF52-61848585E000’ -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -X POST -d’{“accessToken” : “use you access token”, “fieldsMapping”:{“first_name”:“First”, “last_name”:“Last”, “email”:“email”, “name”:“name”}}’ -v</img>

and if you do not want to use ios backendless sdk, it is your responsibility to get access token. I was able to get it here

1: Following response is not relevant to us, as this can be handled on website only.

2: We are using REST API of in iOS application.

3: We have integrated Facebook SDK and have implemented Facebook login in iOS app.

4: After user successfully completes his Facebook login, for the authenticated user of Facebook we are using his Access token with backendless API :

POST "/<version>/users/social/facebook/sdk/login”

with following request body
“ accessToken” : “<valid accesstoken>”,
“ fieldsMapping” : {
“email” : “email”,
“name” : “name”,
“id” : “username"

and expected response is authenticated backendless user as JSON object.

Earlier this was working fine but from past few days it is throwing server side error that has been already reported to your team.


Any suggestions on what can be done for this issue? Is anyone else facing a similar issue?

Hi Vishal,

We’ve made an update fixing the original error for REST API. Could you please try again?
If you receive a new error, please send us its text.