Issue with Scale Fixed simulation


Trying to use the Scale Fixed simulator which was supposed to be launched yesterday. However, I can’t change the tier to get an idea of pricing. The dropdown just says “No options”.


Hello @Nicolas_REMY

We’re in the release process right now. All new functionality related to Fixed Scale will be available within a few hours.


Understood, but the information I had received was that the plan would be released on April 29th, and the end of the current plan is on May 1st. That was a 24 hour window which was already pretty short to work with. Now it’s going to be a matter of understanding and deciding within a matter of hours, if not minutes. Difficult to keep up with this very tight schedule.


Fixed Scale functionality is available. Sorry for the wait.


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Hi again,

After a month on the new plan, I decided to audit my usage in order to see how it went after switching over to the Scale Fixed plan on April 30th right after the discussion above.

Surprisingly, it seems my changes were not taken into account, and my project was switched to the Scale plan instead. The result is I was billed $257 since the switch instead of $165. Needless to say I am not that thrilled.

Hi Nicolas,

What’s your app ID?


It’s D7075715-5086-625A-FFAB-39C2F40FB200

Your app is on Scale Fixed Tier 6. Have you received an itemized statement showing the details of the charges for the billing cycle that ended today?

Btw you were billed $218.80. I am not sure where you got $257 from

Yes, I changed the app to the Scale Fixed Tier 6 today when I realized the change I performed right after @Inna_Shkolnaya replied to me on Apr 30th hadn’t been taken into account.

Yes, following today’s change I have received a very comprehensive statement.

And the $257 is the amount that showed up when I went into the analytics and selected the period from May 1st (when the plan switch occurred) up to today.

If you align the dates on the screen with the dates in the billing statement and select the same tier as in the billing statement, you will get the same amount as in the statement.

Also, the billing statement you received in the email undeniably shows that you were on the scale fixed plan in the month of May, contrary to what you stated earlier.

Hi Nicolas,

Our team researched this issue and found that when Cloud99 automatically switched apps to Scale Variable, any scheduled app transitions to Scale Fixed were overridden. This is exactly what happened to your app.

We issued a credit of $69.10, which is the difference between what you were charged in the most recent monthly statement and what the charges should have been on Scale Fixed Tier 6 between May 10 and June 2nd.

I apologize for the misunderstanding and confusion.

Kind regards,

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the follow-up.

Indeed I was under the impression things did not go exactly as said. The statements are very long and admittedly difficult to follow. But they seem to show payments for the Scale Variable plan and not for the Scale Fixed plan. So thank you for the credit beginning on May 10th.

What about before, though ? I switched over to Scale Fixed on April 30th, before the May 1st deadline, and unless I’m mistaken, the statements also show I was billed for Scale Variable rather than Scale Fixed. As you said, perhaps the transition was overridden then ?

Hi @Nicolas_REMY ,

This situation is a little bit complicated due to combination of old Cloud plan, its deprecation with migration to the Scale and your scheduled downgrade. I will try to explain order of events for better understanding.

Your app has billing period which starts at 10th of one month and ends on 10th of another month.
At the moment when you selected Scale Fixed at 30th of April you was in the middle of your billing period and your transition to “Scale Fixed” was scheduled for 10th of May. System should shown you notification with yellow background about this.

At 1th of May we completely removed Cloud99 plan with subsequent migration of applications from this plan to “Scale Variable”. Your app was also moved to “Scale Variable” with preserving billing period.
During migration of your app to “Scale Variable” your scheduled transition to “Scale Fixed”, which was scheduled at 10th of May, was removed by billing system.

During migration to “Scale Variable” your app was issued with the prorated credit for unused part of billing period on Cloud99 (for period from 1th until 10th of May). Even if your app remained on Cloud99, it wold be transferred to “Scale Fixed” only at the end of billing period on 10th of May.

When you reached us out in this topic, we checked your situation, found overcharge and provided credit for your app on amount of overcharge since 10th of May since starting from that day your app should be on “Scale Fixed” but was left on “Scale Variable” instead.

Regards, Andriy

Hi @Andriy_Konoz and thanks for these explanations.

The information I was given is that the Cloud99 plan would cease existing on May 1st and would be replaced by the Scale Variable plan. Then came the Scale Fixed plan. So I opted for this one instead.

If I understand correctly, had I not touched my Cloud99 plan on April 30th, it would have stayed untouched until May 10th, correct ? This is something I would have preferred, but it was not communicated that way. I felt I had to choose my new plan before May 1st. Hence the original post above.

If I understand correctly, had I not touched my Cloud99 plan on April 30th, it would have stayed untouched until May 10th, correct ?

No, app would be moved to “Scale Variable” on 1th of May as it did in your case.
If you wanted to Move to the “Scale Fixed” immediately you would need to wait until your app was moved to “Scale Variable” and only then move to “Scale Fixed”.

Each plan has its “internal rank” due to which plan change is performed immediately when new plan rank is higher or at the end of billing period when new plan rank is lower. In case of these tree plans “Scale Variable” has low rank, “Scale Fixed” - medium, “Cloud 99” - high.

Due to this switch from “Cloud 99” to “Scale Fixed” will be performed at the end of current billing period but switch from “Scale Variable” to “Scale Fixed” will be performed immediately.

Regards, Andriy

Hi again,

Thanks I understand better how it works technically. But I still wonder : how was I supposed to know that by changing my plan from Cloud99 to Scaled Fixed, it would instead move over to a third plan, Scale Variable ??

You guys had been communicating for months about a deadline on May 1st. And now, because I tried to abide by your guidelines, switching before the deadline rather than after, the result is that I paid more for the Scale Variable rather than Scale Fixed :exploding_head:

When prorating the Scale Fixed plan, the difference is only about 14$ or so, so I won’t make a big fuss about it. But I honestly don’t get it.

@Nicolas_REMY ,

There was a lack of communication on this matter which led to misunderstanding regarding plan change. We are sorry for that.
I added $21.78 difference between actual and expected charges as a credit to your application subscription.

Regards, Andriy

Thanks @Andriy_Konoz for looking into this again and for the credit. This feels more like what was expected, thanks.

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