It's possible recovery mission SPRINGBOARD PLAN

I am still learning about the platform, I unlocked the springboard by missions, but I deleted my test project with mission “Springboard Plan”, because I wanted a fresh start, it’s possible recovery this plan?

Hello @Henrique_Bortoline

Please provide APP ID for the application where you want to activate the Springboard. In order to start a fresh start, you can delete all tables or use the application reset.


Hello @Inna_Shkolnaya

I have the very same problem. Ive just deleted my DempApp and now I cant use my “Springboard Plan”. Here is the Application Id of the only app I have left: 0CD7A770-CA1F-4933-FFED-1AB32C90F400.

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Hello @Inna_Shkolnaya

Follow the Application Id

Thank you.

Hello @Deni_Panov and @Henrique_Bortoline ,

please follow the Missions menu to apply the Springboard plan again for you another app.


Nice @stanislaw.grin worked perfectly,

thanks a lot for your help

Henrique Bortoline

Hello @Inna_Shkolnaya,

I am in the same situation.

I created 2 applications, 1st = “helo_word” and 2nd = “esn4point0”

I got the Springboard plan with my first app, but I didn’t activate it on this last one.

After that I deleted the first app so that I could activate the Springboard plan on my second app. the problem I lost the Springboard plan.

Can you help me to recover my Springboard plan with my second app ?

second app id =


Thank you

Hi @mohammed_atailia,

When you delete an app that is on the Springboard plan, there is a warning saying the plan cannot be transferred to another app. It is impossible to delete the app without seeing the warning.


Hi @mark-piller;

Thx for the replay.

I read this thread

Springboard unlock error

before deleting my app. I saw your answer.

So I wanted to test the deletion and when the alert message does not mention the springboard warrning then I validate the deletion.

for more precision, I am in the same situation as

Unable to use the free Springboard plan

Are you saying the pop-up saying the springboard plan cannot be transferred to another app was not there when you were deleting the app?


I did not take a screenshot the first time.

but I had the same thing as with my 2nd app

As i said, i am exactly in the same situation as James

Unable to use the free Springboard plan

And when i go to the missions again, i don’t see the popup with the congrat video and the green button ''Continue Quest”.

Ok, we got to the bottom of this. The reason you didn’t see the warning popup about the Springboard plan is because the plan was not selected for the app (you reached the milestone), but the switching to Springboard on the billing screen was not done.

We made some changes and now if you go to the Missions section in console, you will see information about reaching the milestone again. Make sure to go to the Manage > Billing screen and activate the Springboard plan for your second app.


Hi @mark-piller
thank you for your help & feedback :slight_smile:

I did what you asked me to do.

Only, I still cannot activate the Springboard plan.

When I go to the Missions section in console nothing is happening!

When I go to the Billing section in console and I click on the link “To unlock the plan reach the Springboard Plan Milestone in Backendless Missions…”

I am redirected to Missions section but nothing more.

Can you check again please!

Thank you

Hi @mohammed_atailia!

Sorry for inconvenience. We have unlocked Springboard for your app with ID “1C243C0C-30F4-40A8-FFAF-7F9823CE3900”. We hope that you will enjoy further work with Backendless.

Regards, Andriy

Hi @Andriy_Konoz

No problem :wink:
Thanks for your help. Springboard was successfully activated for my target app.