‘Leaflet map’ Custom Component issues


  • ‘Center Logic’ requires text string; does not accept DB table ‘point’ type (as does ‘Google Map’ component).
  • ‘Zoom Logic’ bind value (Page Data property ‘zoomLevel’) causes error “Error: Attempted to load an infinite number of tiles”. Get property (‘zoomLevel’) logic return works correctly.
  • no ‘On Pan Event’ (available on ‘Google Map’ component).


  • what is a ‘determining geoposition’ event (‘On Determining Geoposition Event’)?

Hi Jim!
You found something we have missed. You are awesome and we appreciate you for reporting the issue.

We opened ticket BKNDLSS-29876 to add the possibility for “Center Logic” take on value “POINT” type. And we will inform You when this fixed and released.

Sorry, but I can’t reproduce “Zoom Logic” issue. Can you take me steps to reproduce or more information?

We opened a ticket BKNDLSS-29879 for this issue. If possible we add “On Pan Event” to “Leaflet map” custom component. We will inform You when this issue is done.

“On Determining Geoposition Event” triggered when a user determining geoposition

Thank you for reporting issues.