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Method logic is empty even on server

one of my codeless methods was just gone. i knew by mistake when i wanted to do a random test on the mobile app.
then i checked on the console:

it was working for sure a couple of days ago. don’t know what happened

Is it possible you’ve made a deploy of empty business logic?
This is my only assumption. If so, then probably you’ve overwritten it.
We definitely had no any problems in a last couple of days.

its impossible since im very carful with it and to deploy an empty mean that i have to select and delete my blocks first then delete… i will never do that

i also had an issue on my other methods where if i drag a variable to the view it will add almost 50 copies of that variable and i have to manually delete them all. but i didn’t report it.

According to the timestamp of files, the last deploy was made yesterday…
And the method you showed on the screenshot was redeployed yesterday too.

You don’t need to specially delete something. If you just make a redeploy you overwrite everything that is now in production.

i swear that i did not even touch the deploy button yesterday.
all i did was open the page in another browser to see if there is a version in the cache.

i think the page does something when it refresh or i relog or something

We’ve checked your logs and seen that there was made at least two redeploys.

So i can not do nothing here.

This is scary i cant trust codeless sorry

i don’t want to wakeup tomorrow and find another empty method

how can i make local copy?

We can restore the entire repo.
I’ll ask about this my colleagues.

will this effect all my methods?

Hello @mohammad_altoiher

Have you tried to open the Changelog in the browser you make changes in the logic and revert to the previous snapshot? It keeps all the changes locally in the browser’s Local Storage so you have to open the Changelog exactly in the same browser.

According to the restoring from the backup: we can restore the entire “servercode” directory folder which contains all the BusinessLogic services/methods/handlers/etc.
Is it a problem, because as far as I understand you did not do any changes/deploy recently?

Regards, Vlad

i did make changes to other methods almost daily
i did open the method on both of my browsers and they are empty to (one of them have only one empty copy from 16 days ago)

can you guys kindly put the restored servercode folder with another name (servercode_restored) and i will get the method xml and restore it or try to recreate it using the xml as a reference

So, you said that you didn’t touch/change the “User” custom API Service at all since last week, is that correct?

Could you please clarify this:

i did open the method on both of my browsers and they are empty

do you use more than one browser? do you remember what browser you use for deploy?
did you clean up the browser local storage?

there are definitely should be local snapshots, of course, if you change your logic using the Codeless Designer (not manually in the files)

nope i didn’t clean them

only one snapshot and its empty dating 16 days ago.

so i didn’t touch that method (ChangeAvatar) since it was working fine for months
i did change other methods on the User service and no issues there.

what about this questions?

i used two browser and only one of them have that snapshot
the other one i used recently (edge) when i started to have an issue with codeless in chrome (dragging a variable will create more than 50 copy of it)

i don’t remember deploying that or even an empty one

so i didn’t touch that method (ChangeAvatar) since it was working fine for months
i did change other methods on the User service and no issues there.

it’s strange because I can see that four methods have been changed along with this ChangeAvatar method when other methods are not modified

there is something but i don’t know if its an issue
any method i open for some reason the designer think i made a change when i didn’t like this

it may happen when the designer detects difference between local (on the client) logic and logic on the server.
Logic is regenerating each time when you open it based on you app env (services, data schema, etc.) but on the server it’s stored as it was send from the client.

That’s why I’m asking about browsers, because it might be the reason why you get broken logic.

We will restore the service as soon as possible.

Regards, Vlad

thanks @vladimir-upirov
is there a way to prevent this from happening again? like downloading all the methods on my pc? its much more better than relaying on the browser alone.