My app has been blocked

My app has been blocked. I’ve received a corresponding email and browser requests are answered with

{"code":9070,"message":"The API request has been rejected because it requires scaling for processing. Switch to the Cloud9 or Cloud99 plan to enable the Super Scaling option.","errorData":{}}

I’m on Springboard and my usage statistics looks like this:

As far as I see, I do not exceed any limits. What’s the reason for blocking?
My AppId is 5BDF0E64-9F03-6F8E-FF75-0E183AF61100


Hi Klaas,

The Springboard plan doesn’t have the SuperScaling feature. The feature provides a way for multiple parallel requests and requests sent from different locations to be processed by the backend. There are several references to SuperScaling on the pricing page:

The block is automatically removed within 24 hours.


Hi Mark,
I understand that there are limitations for Springboard. I would have no issue if without super scaling “API request for multiple users may end up in a processing queue or may be rejected”. Why to block the whole app for 24 hours then? I’m just testing with 4 users without much traffic.

Looking at my detailed API call statistics, I noticed a very high number of (REST - File Service - Download File) calls, which I cannot comprehend. Does this number include the GET File Requests from the Browser?


Hi Klaas,

The reason for the block is to establish a “cool off” period in a case when the backend starts getting bombarded, I know this doesn’t apply to you but is necessary for other scenarios.

The API call statistics include all API requests, including GETs for file resources.


I’m doing something wrong because I’m on testing with only 2 users and just testing upload and down load images for scaling but Heroku error 9070 App ID : 147F3E51-266A-AAC4-FF2B-DFE9F84FD200

Just wait for cool down ? Tomorrow will start working to understand what is wrong?

The download of each button in a UI Builder counts as a REST FileService?

Thanks, Mario

Hello @Mario_Ghersi

Could you please provide more detail about this question, because I’m not sure it get it correctly:

Sorry, I’m training to understand why I have to many REST API Calls File Service Download file, each time I use UI Builder. It’s something normal because the graphic interface of the codeless programing?

We do not count api-calls that are made from the Backendless Dev Console (UI-Builder, Codeless, etc.)
However, when you open your app in the preview mode or build it and run in production you start requesting resources from the API server and it starts checking APIKey/domain permissions, current user permissions, etc. and these requests will be counted.

Regards, Vlad

The download issue still with a problem running from a Heroku server. The same code from OS X is working OK but if I want to download an image the code is 400.

This is the code:

The error is this one:

Any help will be great because I’m clueless because running same code over my Mac is OK but not at Heroku. Also add this setting I found at google:

I change to download from other server and also working is something in particular with Backendless I don’t know how to configure.
Thanks, Mario

there should be an error message, could you please share it?

I mean under the Status Reason message

Bad Request

please share more lines next to this line Status Reason: Bad Request

Info deleted

hm, it’s strange

who does print the Status Reason: Bad Request? does it your code? can you log an error message as well?

can you try to use curl from that server to see the entire response?

Printed by me

Code 9070!!!

Only a few call…

Can you check API 147F3E51-266A-AAC4-FF2B-DFE9F84FD200 ?
I’m still on development to check if I can solve it…

much better, but what about error message?