My data is lost

Hi. I have just logged in to backendless and I see all my data is gone. My app space was called ihouseu. See last billing info below. I’m quite sad and dissapointed because I know I did not delete this data myself. Please help…

Dear Edward,

This is a receipt for a purchase for your Backendless application: (91FF647B-178E-D3F7-FF84-95FEEAFAB200 ihouseu) .

You were just charged $35.00 for your Backendless subscription.

the Backendless team

Hello @Edward_Dikgale!

Your app has not been deleted. You don’t see it because of the current EU cluster outage.

We are providing updates in our Slack channel .

Once the EU cluster is restored, your app will become available for you again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi thanks for the reply. So its been 5 days now … any update on this?

Hi, @Edward_Dikgale

EU cluster has been restored already. Please check your app one more time.