Notification icons


I’ve created a push template (I name it recoleccion_programada) with small and large icons:

When I click the green button SEND NOW from Backendless console, the notification is correct:

But if I create a timer based on the aforementioned template, the notification is received with no icons:


What am I doing wrong ?


P.S.: I’ve read this topic Another topic about icons with no luck.

Hello @Federico_Rissone,

We’ll investigate this issue as soon as possible.


Hi @Federico_Rissone

We couldn’t reproduce your issue.
I’ve tested the scenario with your app using your template (recoleccion_programada) and timer (Scheduled_Push_recoleccion_programada) and notification was received with both small and large icons for me.
Do you run it on real device or emulator? Can you make a clean install on real device and try again?

Best Regards,

Hi Maksym! I run it in a real device; As you suggested, I did a clean installation in my real device and it worked!

Great support, thank you so much.

Best Regards,