Path contains prohibited symbols

After importing Parse project with files i got auto generated files in dir /main/files/import
but slash in path is not decoded:

Ok i decoded it on client side
but Backendless.Files.moveFile says about error that file was not found. Without decocing i get error Path contains prohibited symbols. How to solve it?

Hi Aleks,

Decoded url works fine.

"import/test/EC8A00C1-08DE-82E7-FF4C-BAB5EB1D9F0011b00-photo_client_20160525_194838.jpg" );

Besides, search by files should be done not by file url but by relative file path (for example, “import/EC8A00C1-08DE-82E7-FF4C-BAB5EB1D9F0011b00-photo_client_20160525_194838.jpg”).

For decoding slashes while import operation internal ticket (BKNDLSS-12747) has been created.



Thanks for reply !

we updated production server (task id is BKNDLSS-12747).
could you try this use case again?

@kate-maksimenko this fix could caused another issue. See my issue when my older code is not working anymore from unknown reason. Delete file with space in name from UI Builder