Push Notifications for macOS

Is there a way to register MacOS (osx) device for push notifications?

I’ve noticed device is being registered in the DeviceRegistration table (operatingSystemName=‘OSX’), and assigned to a specified channel.
When I publish a message to this channel, i get an email:

We noticed you attempted to send a push notification, however, the required configuration is missing in your backend. As a result, the push notification could not be sent. Please make sure to configure the following: - Android server keys (for Android push notifications) - iOS Certificate(s) (for iOS push notifications). If you have any questions, please contact us on the support forum at http://support.backendless.com or Slack at http://slack.backendless.com. Regards, the Bacendless team

Hello Andrei,

Please check if your macOS certificate is correct.
Have you added it to the Backendless console?

I’ve just checked and everything is fine.

Regards, Olga