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We offer support only for official SDKs and APIs published by Backendless. Backendless support is divided into several tiers. The priority tier includes customers with a paid support plan, enterprise customers and users who purchased support packs from Backendless Marketplace. Incidents submitted by the customers and users from this tier have the highest priority and are attended to above anything else. The free tier includes users without any form of commercial support plan or support pack. Support Incidents, questions and bug reports originating from the free tier are worked on by Backendless only when the support queue from the priority tier is cleared and support personnel becomes available. As a result, we cannot guarantee a response or a time window for any support incidents in the free tier. However, we actively monitor all available support channels (this support forum, our Stackoverflow tagtwitter account) and genuinely try to attend to all posts and bug reports.

For more details see Backendless Support Policy.


How can I make a forum using Backendless?

Need Answer Nathan23 6 minutes ago No Comments
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Update User Info From Facebbok

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Application crashes instead of logging server errors

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update user email

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update user informations based on his facebook id

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turn off token expiration

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error handling for timeout and token expired

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Is "ios-category" header added to ios Push Notification ?

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Change email confirmation web page

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when export/import completed call BL event

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Geo Point Swift Code

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Email Confirmation URL

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Milliseconds Accuracy in DateTime Columns

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Documentation Expansion

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Thank You Backendless Support

Pujan P. 3 months ago No Comments
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Great support!

Starscream 3 months ago Server Code No Comments
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Back in full force?

Jeroen D. Comments: 1 Reply 4 months ago by Mark P.
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Sandeep K. 4 months ago No Comments
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A Huge Thanks to Team

Purusothaman R. 6 months ago Parse Migration No Comments
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