Release app crash

Hello …

I am using the backendless flutter SDK using the following parameters.

static const String backendlessKey = “34D9A170-4FEC-58C5-FFB7-8A43223A3500”;

Just need to state that we got a crash on release APK as follows.

Bad state: Reflectable has not been initialized. Please make sure that the first action taken by your program in main is to call initializeReflectable().data

In addition to the following print screen from crashbility

The crash happens here in Dart (the code is from the official SDK)
var rnd = new Random();
Backendless.messaging.publish(message, channelName: “chat”,
publishOptions: PublishOptions()…headers = {“name”: “gendy${rnd.nextInt(100)}”});

In addition to crash on this code





I think this issue starts , once the trial Cloud 99 ended and
our account moved to Cloud 9

anyone can advice please ?


our Flutter developer will check this issue and answer as soon as possible.


Hi @Mohamed_Elgendy and @Mohamed_Rashed

Thanks for pointing out the issue. We found the problem in the Flutter SDK and currently are fixing it. We will make a new release as soon as possible, most likely today. I will notify you about it.

Best Regards,

@Maksym_Khobotin Any news ?

We are still working on a fix. We are working hard to get this done as soon as possible. As soon as we make a release with a correction, we will write here about it.

Hi @Mohamed_Elgendy and @Mohamed_Rashed

The issue has been fixed. Please update Flutter SDK to version 1.0.1

Best Regards,

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Thank you @Maksym_Khobotin very much.
we will give it a try and share the feedback.

I would like if you share the road-map of Flutter SDK next year, as it miss a lot of examples and documentation in compare to other SDKs.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Mohamed_Rashed

Currently we are working on documentation for Flutter SDK. Also we will add code examples for each of the API.

Best Regards,

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Hello …
Just need to state that the crash still exits after upgrading the SDK to be 1.0.1

Please check the following zipped project generated from backendless tool, I have changed the SDK version to be 1.0.1

Please check clean flutter cache, then build release APK (must be release APK) then try your self to see the crash …

Issue still there ,

Will it take too much time to fix ?
are we alone using Flutter SDK, the issue with the initialization of any flutter app using Backendless SDK

Is it ready for production ?

@mark-piller , kindly your feedback .

Hi @Mohamed_Rashed

This issue occured with Backendless.messaging.publish() call. It has nothing to do with initialization and account plans. I will check the sample project provided above and will give the feedback.

Best Regards,

Hi @Mohamed_Elgendy

The issue you described is not related to Backendless SDK. If debug app is working fine and release crashes, it’s problem in release configuration.

I suppose the problem is, you don’t generate the apk with matching ABI.

I suggest to read about Android ABIs:
and how to create the release for each configuration.

Also you can try to install the release apk directly to the device by using command

flutter run --release -d {{deviceId}}

I suggest to run the application on real device, not emulators. There are a lot of issues assosiated with it.

And the last thing: I thnk this article may be useful for you:

I close the topic because the problem is no longer related to Flutter SDK.

Good luck in your endeavours!

Best Regards,

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Hello …

I need to build a release APK if you please.

Please use the following command
flutter build apk --target-platform android-arm,android-arm64,android-x64 --split-per-abi

The APK works fine once I have removed the backendless from yaml then pub get.

Once I have re added it, it crashes.

Please fix.

What device do you run the application?
Also does you app work fine in release mode without backendless dependency?

Using Android 6, 7, 8, 8.1 and 9 … crashes.

Without backendless dependency … no crashes

Hi @Mohamed_Elgendy

I’ve just created the project from scratch, added backendless dependency, created release apk and successfully run it on my phone.
Can you specify the steps to reproduce or provide the sample project that reproduces your issue?
Also: does your app crashes with backendless dependency only in release mode or in debug too?

Best Regards,


Also try to update your flutter with

flutter upgrade