Resending confirmation emails

Hi there!
Have you implemented the resending option?

Hi, Evgeny.
Unfortunately, no. It is still in our roadmap but currently, we have more priority features to implement.
Regards Ilya

Hey, has this been done yet?

No, sorry, we have not gotten to it yet.

Any update regarding this feature request?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Enrique_Diaz, actually, it has been done, but not documented yet. Please let me know which Backendless SDK you use and I will help with the API.


I’m using the JavaScript API v5.2.13.

Hello @Enrique_Diaz

The version of JS-SDK contains a method for resending email confirmation


Regards, Vlad

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Hi @vladimir-upirov,

Indeed, the method works as expected. Thanks!


Hi @mark-piller , could you please share the REST API for resend email confirmation too?