Select - value logic - set an initial value

My options are stored in a data table. Since I am planing a multi language app I have a column ‘Id’ which serves as the Value Key and a column for the label for each language.

How is the initial value of a Select object set?

Hello, @Joerg

You can use this logic on the parent component of Select(for example Block), or another type of components with On Before Mount handler

My table looks like this, so I don’t need any transformation over the data coming from the table, but if your table looks in another way(haven’t label/value columns), you must transform the coming data to a list of objects with properties: value and label

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Thanks @Dima ,

got it to work with your pointers :grinning:

The ‘Label Key’ points to the column in my table to produce the label (i.e., language). Is there a way to programmatically set it? Would be great to change the language of the label that way.

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Hi Joerg,

There is a data binding property called Label Logic which can be used either through data binding or you can add custom logic to it:


Hi Mark,

I screen it changes top label but i want to set default value same as when select from drop down

Hello @Vinod_Sahu

Mark answered about Label Logic to the following question:

According to setting up default value take a look at posts above

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But i want to show 0 index option selected by default

do you have dynamic or static options?

I have array of option which is static

I meant do you assign these options using Codeless Logic or do you set up it through Settings on the UI section?

I have page where user select a value which store into DB. When user come again i want to show that value selected. For now i have fixed 5 values.

Please see my attached screen

alright, use the solution from the answer Select - value logic - set an initial value

  • assign your options
  • assign the current or default value

I changed my logic but not effect on UI

Here is my here

[{“value”:10,“label”:“10 Seconds”},{“value”:15,“label”:“15 Seconds”},{“value”:20,“label”:“20 Seconds”},{“value”:25,“label”:“25 Seconds”},{“value”:30,“label”:“30 Seconds”},{“value”:35,“label”:“35 Seconds”},{“value”:40,“label”:“40 Seconds”}]


I’ve created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-23202 to investigate the issue.
We will notify you about any progress.

Regards, Vlad


The issue has been fixed, please reload the Console to get the latest UI-SDK.
The problem was with numbers in the options, the Select didn’t recognise the current u number value.
Could you please check and config that fix works for you

Regards, Vlad


One more issue i find

Disable block work fine but when i try dynamic indexing not working

I just tried this logic, and it works for me

could you please describe what exactly does not work
make sure that you have correct value in “serverDuration” variable

Regards, Vlad

Let me try. I checked there was value in variable

Now working. Thank you so much