Sending email using rest api stop sending

Backendless Version 5.x, Online

Client SDK (REST )

Application ID 519D3627-53FA-5FD5-FF77-E3BB5B7F6900

I don’t know why, but today the mail message using smtp ( test is ok )
stop sending mails ( http email with attachment).
and the result of rest is :
{messageId: “mail:B34A17A8-3D-2763-FFC0-A******”, errorMessage: null, status: “SCHEDULED”}*
errorMessage: null
messageId: "mail:B34A17A8-3
status: “SCHEDULED”
proto__: Objectt

so everything looks fine.

only today I checked some testing on my app and no error happened,
no email resoponse for error, no spam, nothing.

all other rest function works fine, saving file, update db is working good.

Your application is configured to use your own SMTP server. If the emails stopped getting delivered, the problem must be on the SMTP server side. Nothing has changed in Backendless.


same issue with SWIFT SDK

Hello @tomer_moas, @robert-j,

I’ve created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-22694 and we’ll investigate this issue as soon as possible.


Hello @tomer_moas

Your attachment is array of file paths from the Backendless File Service or file from internet?
Before that, you worked with sending a email along with attached files from the Backendless File Service or file from internet?

The file is from backendless, in the file path directory.
Two libraries that i usibg now are :

Im using rest api to create the file, every thing work perfectly, the table db and saving file.
But from two days ago the mail stop sending
And as i sent above the responed is ok.


I think I found something…
when I going to email tab configuration .
the password is not showing at all , not even * .
when im inserting the password of my smtp mail its approved.
when sending one mail its arrived… then im entering again
and I see that that password is empty.

Hello @tomer_moas

Regarding the password, this is the expected behavior. This is not the problem.
I was able to reproduce the problem.
We have spent an enormous amount of time trying to figure this out. The root cause is for some reason when an email with attachment is sent, we’re getting an SMTP error saying
no object DCH for MIME type image / jpeg
The issue has been escalated internally and it is one of the top priority tickets.

Hello @tomer_moas @robert-j

We made a few temporary changes, but we are working on a more permanent fix. Please check if you can successfully send emails with attachments from your app.

his @Vladimir_Yalovy
thank you !!! :slight_smile:
now its working fine .
I will try it today in more massive uses and if I will have problem I will write again
again… thanks :slight_smile: