SMTP Connection

I’m having difficulty getting the console to accept my email credentials. A couple days ago, users were not able to register for new accounts. I found this was due to the SMTP settings, but I had not changed them whatsoever (neither on my email service)

Now, if I use the BL defaults, everything works fine.
But then entering my email credentials aren’t working. This is the error I receive:
Username and Password are not accepted. Message from smtp server: 535 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful [
Port: 587

I have tried a couple different email accounts, all with no success.
Any help would be appreciated. For now, my users have to receive emails from :frowning:

FYI, all of this seemed to start when I was testing a Zapier connection to a separate Application I have with Backendless. Here is the support thread: Zapier Integration


Are all the accounts you tried with office365?

Yes, they are. Is there a current issue with smtp connections with office365?

We’ve tried with ordinary outlook account, and it works.
Just for test, try to change your password to some simple char sequence and reset credentials into backendless web-console.

Also, could you create for us test account on office365 if it is possible. Login/Pass you can send to (do not forget to attach the link to this topic).

I was able to get it to work… thank you