Timers - Errors and "magically" turned back on

I turned off a timer using the toggle, only to come back and have it back on later. I dismissed that as being tired, and maybe I forgot. I turned the timers back off, did some work, and when I came back to turn them on I got this error (The timmer does not exist).

After getting the error I refreshed the page and all the timers were back on. I had the timer off as the logic wasn’t working, so having them ‘magically’ turned back on isn’t great.

Hello @Tim_Jones,

Unfortunately we can’t reproduce this issue. Could you please provide steps we should follow to reproduce the problem?


Hi @olhadanylova,

Thanks for the help. The steps are as simple as turning off a timer, waiting, and the timer is back on.

The amount of time seems inconsistent.


I’ve created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-29467 for our QA team for investigation.

Thank you!