Trying to change to paid plan

App id: CEC04DDA-2510-3810-FFC8-C7E05A08DB00

Need help guys, doing cyber acrobatics trying to figure out the billing system here (again), let me know what maneuvers I need to pull off to get onto a paid plan pls. :man_cartwheeling:

I also tried uninstalling springboard and it says successfully uninstalled but still shows as the plan with the title “Unknown Product”

Hi @Joel_Maclean1

When you switch to another billing can you see any errors which block the operation?
If so, it sounds like a bug, could you please provide a screenshot?


Hey Vlad,
I dont see an option to switch plans… where should I be looking?

Hi Joel,

Click the PREVIEW button for the Scale plan. You will see a popup with a button to switch to the plan.


Hey Mark I dont see any options to switch… where do I click?

Hi Joel,

Could you check what the “Credit Card” section shows on the Billing screen?


This guy?

I think I’m missing that section…

Could you please attach a screenshot showing the entire browser (without any cropping)?

Also, please check if you’re logging in with your or the @b*** account?

Billing can be modified only by the app owner. The app’s owner is the account with the @b*** email. If you log in with Gmail, you will not be able to change the plan for that app.

That’s it! tks Mark

After 6 days I’m already at 30$ haha, this isn’t going to be feasible so I’ll find another service.
How can I cancel the subscription? It is saying the free plan isn’t available until Feb 22?

You can delete the app to cancel the subscription.

If you’d like, i can switch the app to the free plan for you.


Yes please sir.


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Hey @mark-piller , I was billed just now for that app that we just cancelled the billing plan for.
Can you have a look pls sir?

Hello @Joel_Maclean1!

Could you please confirm if the $30 charge for the 6-day period you mentioned was billed, or are we talking about a different amount?


Here’s what I received:

I’d like to cancel all backendless apps and accounts or move to unpaid plan, whatever is required.