UI-Builder "Copy and Paste" VISUAL BUG

Hi Guys!
Sorry for yet another Bug’s Topic, but aparently I have a bug magnet :rofl:


Visual bug in the UI-Builder during the “Copy and Paste” action to create a custom function.

Actual Behavior

Visual Error, can’t copy and paste logic.

Expected Behavior

Copy and Paste Codeless Logic.

Reproducible Test Case

Video:UI-Builder Copy and Paste VISUAL BUG.mp4


It would be faster to select the component logic and display it next to the User Interface and to be able to copy and paste pieces where necessary.
For the side menus it would be enough to alternate them according to whether the user selects a component or the logical part of it.

Hoping I don’t bother you too much with my Bug’s Topics,

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Hello @Marco_D_Alessandria

Thx for the creative video:)
I’ve reproduced this issue and created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-27966 to fix it.


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Looks like it happens when you try to paste code with blocks like “page data” in workspace without it

Hi Viktor!
Creativity is my daily bread :heart:

In the end, with patience, I recreated the whole logical sequence where I needed it (I hope I haven’t forgotten anything, otherwise I won’t be able to sleep tonight to finish debugging :sweat_smile:).

It would be great to use copy and paste wherever you want, it would save a lot of time (whole afternoons in my case), but I only see that it only works in reference to the same component
(Ex. Copying a logical On Click Event sequence of a button and paste it in the same On Visibility Change).

Anyway, you are doing a great job, these are little things that you will gradually implement.
In the meantime I will arm myself with a lot of patience :joy:

If you want you can keep me informed here if you can fix it.

Hello @Marco_D_Alessandria

I’m pleased to inform you that we’ve made great improvements to copy/paste logic. You can now copy/paste logic between different pages in your browser. You can copy logic in BL section and transfer it to UI-builder>Logic section. You can copy the logic tree (right click on the logic and select “Copy Tree”.
Happy coding with Backendless!