Unable to swicth to Springboard plan

Hi, I joined and went through all the missions to make the springboard plan available. As the missions required me to create tables, import data etc. I started a new application to work on in the background thinking I could switch the new application to the springboard plan once I had completed the missions in the initial app. It appears I cant assign the springboard plan to the new app even though the initial application is still in the free trail. Is there a way to overcome this or do I need to loose the work I have done in the new application ?

The application ID of the application that I want on the Springboard plan is:

The application that I completed the missions on (and dont really need any more) is:

Both are currently on the Cloud99 TRIAL subscription

Hello @John_Brogan

Open again Missions, and you should see a popup where you can choose an app for Springboard.

Regards, Dima.

Thanks, the option is now available to me

I also recently completed the necessary missions for Springboard Plan conversion, but do not see how to switch over from cloud 99 plan. Not desired at this time - still learning the platform.

Same problem, can’t switch to springboard. When the video played in missions telling me that I qualified for springboard, and I hit the button, I got pop-ups saying there was a 404 error. When I hit the button again, it said I was trying to sign up for springboard twice, or I had not completed the missions. But I am not signed up for springboard…

Also, all day I was also getting random errors about concurrent connection count being exceeded.

Something is not right on the servers…

Hello @Damon_Brooks, @Peter_Jensen,

I see you duplicated this problem in the Shortcut for springboard plan is not working topic.
The issue is fixed now, could you please check if it works now?

Also I’d like to ask you in further not to add the comments to the topics closed 2 years ago but сreate a new ones if necessary, so we can track them better.


I still do not have a way to switch to Springboard plan after mission unlock.



Nothing there to switch even if I paid for it.



We unlocked the Springboard plan for your app, could you please check now?

Yes, Olha it finally let me switch.

At the end of this cycle it will switch from cloud 9 to Springborad.

Thanks so much for your help!!!

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And I in return would ask you to get a proper trouble ticketing system so I don’t have to use a forum for this kind of thing.



The issue is not resolved. I cannot switch to springboard in the Billing section.

Hi @Peter_Jensen,

we have resolved it for Damon only, now we’ll unlock it for you also. Will let you know once it is done.

As for a “proper trouble ticketing system”, we have an internal system for this purpose. For our customers, this forum - is the right place to submit new issues, questions, etc.


If you feel the forum is the proper place to post issues like this, then please do not chastise me for doing so on whichever thread happens to be discussing the problem at the moment. I’m already frustrated enough with the backendless system not working as it should during an evaluation, I don’t want to be additionally told I’m posting on forums incorrectly. Forums are not a good substitute for a trouble ticket system, in my opinion.



@Peter_Jensen, your app also has been fixed and the Springboard plan should be available now. Sorry for inconvenience.


Dear @Peter_Jensen,

I apologize if our previous response came across as chastising you for posting on the forum. That was not our intention. We understand how frustrating it can be when a system does not work as expected, especially during an evaluation.

In regards to your suggestion for a proper trouble ticketing system, I completely understand your point of view. We value your input and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve any issues you may encounter.

Again, we apologize for any miscommunication or frustration our previous message may have caused. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Best regards,