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Unable to swicth to Springboard plan

Hi, I joined and went through all the missions to make the springboard plan available. As the missions required me to create tables, import data etc. I started a new application to work on in the background thinking I could switch the new application to the springboard plan once I had completed the missions in the initial app. It appears I cant assign the springboard plan to the new app even though the initial application is still in the free trail. Is there a way to overcome this or do I need to loose the work I have done in the new application ?

The application ID of the application that I want on the Springboard plan is:

The application that I completed the missions on (and dont really need any more) is:

Both are currently on the Cloud99 TRIAL subscription

Hello @John_Brogan

Open again Missions, and you should see a popup where you can choose an app for Springboard.

Regards, Dima.

Thanks, the option is now available to me