Visibility Listener for Divs does not work after unmount and remount

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I have Checked and rechecked with no joy. I have logic that decides whether a button and text is viable or not depending on a few Parameters. This is in a reusable component. The component works flawlessly the first “cycle” through. However when the component is unmounted and then remountend for a second cycle through the viability handlers no longer listen if the parameters are met.

APP ID: FB172318-89F2-E225-FF10-9AC9657A9000
Page: FIF Driver
Component: Trailer Swap

I will PM log in details and parameters required.

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I am quite sure it may have something to do with the following topic.

Just want to confirm

Hello @Raymond_Woodley,

Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce this issue.
Could you please create a page with only the necessary logic to reproduce this issue?