We are unable to POST data in to multiple data objects relations using REST console

We are following “https://backendless.com/how-to-save-an-object-with-all-the-children-in-a-single-backendless-call/” link.

STEP 5 → JSON object to Post the data.

But it is saving data into one object and not in the related object.
support document.docx (170.9 KB)


We have this functionality in our road-map. But for now, you have to follow next steps.
In order to save the object with all the children in a single call you need to follow all the steps which are described in the document. It seems like, in the document that you sent us you skipped some steps. In order this works, you need to follow step 1-4 from this document: https://backendless.com/how-to-save-an-object-with-all-the-children-in-a-single-backendless-call.
Firstly, you need to download CodeRunner and model classes. Then, create a new project and Bootstrap class. After that define the service. And only after these steps you can save an object.

If you do not want to create an additional api service using business logic, please follow these steps: https://backendless.com/docs/rest/data_set_add_relation_rest.html


Hi Marina,
Thanks for the reply. Noted.