What Firefox settings should be changed to circumvent this cookie problem?

Missions Task:
UI Builder Starter Pack > Make It Live! > Add Print to the On Page Enter Event and Run the Page

I went through the steps of the task, and loaded the Preview Page.
I clicked the button to validate.


I get the following pop-up notification:

Unfortunately, we were unable to identify your developer account. This issue may have occurred because a necessary cookie was blocked. Please ensure that your browser is set to allow third-party cookies. You can typically find this setting in your browser’s ‘Privacy and Security’ configuration screen.

I’m using Firefox ver.124
My privacy settings are presently set to “Standard” (the lowest).

↑ Note: “Pages will load normally” is generally the expectation on this setting.

In Cookies and Site Data > Manage Exceptions… I have specifically set Backendless to “Allow”.

When viewing the browser’s Console output, we can see that the goal of printing “Hello World!” has been achieved. (In case there was doubt about the task requirements being satisfied.)
However it is also curious that this script /api/files/ui-builder/library/sdk/sdk.js failed to load. Could this be a clue?

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Hello @Causality!

For successful mission validation, you need to add https://backendless.com/ to the exceptions as well:


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That worked perfectly! Easy fix.
Thank you! :grinning:

I’m glad I could help you! :slightly_smiling_face: