What is a Pod Container?

I see a checkbox in the Block component design panel called “Pod Container”. I can’t find any documentation describing a Pod Container. What is the purpose and use instruction for a Pod Container?

Hello @Howard_Jacobson

PODs allow you to specify a portal for other components in a CustomComponent.

  1. when editing a custom component UI you can define PODs
  2. when you add the custom component on a page you can put any blocks into these pods
  3. to render pods you have to use the following code:
const modalContentPod = pods['modalContent'];
  <div className="modal-content">
        { modalContentPod.render() }

PODs are extremely helpful when you need to have only one Custom/ReusableComponent but it has to render different content.


Thank you.

Is there a visual cue in the UI Builder that a component contains a POD?

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Hello @Howard_Jacobson,

Here’s how it looks in the UI Builder: