Date time picker: other languages?

Is there a way to localize the date time picker by choosing another display language?

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Hi, @Klaas_Klever

For now there is no opportunity to localize the date time picker by choosing different languages. But we have created an internal ticket to implement this feature - BKNDLSS-28225. We will let you know when it is implemented.

Regards, Marina

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Hi @Klaas_Klever,

We’ve just updated cloud servers with a fix for the issue you described above.

User Interface - Settings:
Set Locale for a specific component from select, has one of the values - “Default”, in this case, the value from the globally selected language will be taken for all DateTime Picker components (Settings → UI components)

Logic - On Locale Change:
Manages the Locale of a specific component, takes a value as a string, available Locale - link, a string parser function has also been added if the user entered a non-existent Locale, for example, “es-ca”, the function will set the language closest to this → “es” if the function does not find a match, the default “en” will be set.

Settings → UI components:
Set for all DateTime Picker components as a default value, one of the values “Auto” - in this case, the Locale of the client who visits the site will be read and set by the language for DateTime Picker in case the Locale does not come with Logic(Handler) or User Interface - Settings


Thanks. Tested. Works well. :clap:

While this changes the start date in the popup calendar, it does not change the labeling of the fields in the date picker. There is still no handler for that, right? I know I can set a certain value for each of these, but I need them to be programmable as well, so that I can have user specific language strings.

For this purpose you could use I18n API described here - Localization (Internationalization, i18n) in UI Builder