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How to integrate Backendless with website

How can I integrate my Backendless app with my website such that changes on the website are reflected in the app and vice versa?

Hi @Nkekere_Tommy_Minimann !

To reach this goal you should use Backendless as backend storage for your data. You can host your pages or logic which renders them on your server but use database and file system from Backendless via Backendless API. Alternativly, if your site is simple HTML+ client JS you can host everything on Backendless. We provide range of SDKs for different languages and also REST API to interact with Backendless platform. For more information about SDKs you can check our documentation Backendless For Developers | Backendless Backend as a Service Platform

Regards, Andriy

It’s an e-commerce website. But I don’t understand your explanation.

I meant that in case if you want to use Backendless for storing data in database and for storing your files in Backendless app filesystem you should modify logic which stores data to store it to Backendless instead of your database or filesystem. If to talk about site from Model-View-Controller point of view you should make changes to your “model” logic.
As result you will finish with “thin” site which delegates all work with DB and filesystem to Backendless.
If your site based on some of CMS like Magento, Drupal, e.t.c. it will be very hard or just imposible to complete such task since CMS based sites are tightly coupled with standart database drivers and OS filesystem.

Regards, Andriy

I take it that what you mean is that after creating the website I have to host it on Backendless. This means you also offer hosting service. If I am correct and I can host an e-commerce site on Backendless then I’d like to know how I can accomplish that syncing it with my app.

Could you describe how you understand the process of “syncing to your app”?

Hosting a site on and then linking the site to the app. But I’ve not done anything like this before so am totally ignorant of how it should be done

I am just trying to understand the requirements. I need to understand in terms of the user experience what “linking the site to the app” means in your mind.

It’s an online marketplace. The mobile app and the website should function exactly alike from the user’s perspective. If a user uploads an item to the marketplace via the mobile app, another user should be able to search for the same item via the mobile app or via a web browser (pointing to the website) and vice versa. But the mobile app and the website should be able to function independently.

What you should do is this:

  1. Develop your mobile app
  2. Develop your website
  3. Use backendless database for (1) and (2)

When mobile app created/updates data, it goes into the database. When the website reads data from the database, it will have the same data visible to the mobile app (and vice versa).

Hope this helps.