Send app data to email

ok so that is a pre-populated message?

so if i understand correctly, there is no way to send the data entered by the employee to be sent to my email?

Do you want the email to contain all the data entered by the user in the form? Of course there is a way to do it. You just need to add Codeless logic to make it happen. If you would like us to do it for you, it can be done on the consulting basis - send an email to to get a quote.


thank you.

I have the same problem.

I want send all the inputs from my form to an emailaddress.
SMTP-server is connected. Logic is behind the inputs (Value logic = “message”) and the submit-button (see attachment).
There is no mail in my inbox if I tried to send this form.
I got an alert in console.log (see attachment).

Whats wrong? What should I do?

Thanks so much and best regards



Hi @Daniel_Wauer!

Thank you for contacting us. From error message it looks like you have tried to submit empty form. I have just tried to submit filled form and it worked fine but for empty form I got your error.
Have you got this error for empty form?

Regards, Andriy

Thank Andriy,

you can see in above picture that I filled out the two textfields with „One“ and „Two“.
But the error message will be the same.
Did you do it in another way?

And if you did it correctly without error why I didn‘t get a mail in my inbox?


Oh sorry!
I tested it now again.
It works!
The mails are sent in spambox.
But I got only one entry - same for both inputfields.
How can I change that?


Hello @Daniel_Wauer

Seems like you’ve got the same “dataBinding” value for both inputs

once you split it you can combine them in the submit logic

Regards, Vlad

Thanks Vlad,

but how can I set two propertys in the “Get property…of…” logic?
Where do I input the second Label?



you can use more than one “Get property” block

Yes ok, but where do I integrate it?

Can you show me an example please?

Thanks very much!

It would look something like this:

Thanks Mark,

I understand how it would work but it seems I am an idiot in this way.
On my “create text with”-element I can drag and drop only two elements.

What do I wrong?

Ah I got it!!!

I must set new items for this element :sweat_smile:

Now it works great! Very much thanks to support!



Note: Maybe it is possible to get a tutorial on youtube how to create a complete form-template with inputfields, buttons, radiobuttons, checkboxes, fileupload, images etc.
This would be very helpful!

Hello again,

can someone help me to format the sended messages in the email?

If I send my form to mail all entries are together in one line.
How can I set them in new line for each entry?


Hi @Daniel_Wauer

Please specify how do you send the messages and provide the sample message if you can.

Best Regards,

I opened a new thread about that theme. I hope it was right.

Here are my logic for sending entries from form to mail:

In email they would be shown like this:

I want to take each entry in new line and want format them with special design (maybe some pictures).

Hi Daniel,

Make sure to use the “raw text” block for text elements such as "Blank", "Received Date:", etc. In there you can add \n to the text to force line feed - meaning creating a new line in the produced text.


Thanks Mark,

that will help for a while. But can you tell me or show me how I can integrate a email template for my form?

Next question: I got a number as date format.

Received Date: 1601550300000

How can I convert it into date format?

Thanks again

Let’s keep this thread focused on sending email. Please create a separate topic for every new question (i.e. number to date conversion).

Here’s codeless logic for sending out an email from a template:

Notice the logic above uses propName1 and propName2 in the object passed into the “template values”. These reference “dynamic text” substitutions. You can read about them here:

Hope this helps.