What is the meaning of Super Scaling

What is the meaning of Super Scaling?

I interpreted that there was no limit to api call per minute.
Is it true?

what about my last question.


SuperScaling is the engine that makes it possible to handle API and console traffic that is more than used for development. It is a complex system that allocates server-side resources to make sure that all requests are handled as fast as possible. Without super scaling, processing of requests is limited by several factors. This includes any or all of the following:

  • How many requests are handled at a time
  • How many requests are handled in total
  • How many users use the system at the same time or over time.

Basically, one of the main rules (but not the only one) is if SuperScaling is not enabled, your app will fail and may get blocked as soon as you start putting some kind of pressure on the backend AND/OR use it from multiple devices/computers.

Hope this helps.